Proficiency Test

ITMO University’s Foreign Language Training Center organizes English-language tests. Upon completing the test, you will receive an official ITMO University certificate valid for two years. Check out these Rules for more information about the testing and tasks (in Russian).

Click here to sign up for a test.


I’m not satisfied with my results. Am I allowed to take the test again?
Yes, you can take the test again four weeks after your recent try. 

I signed up, but couldn’t make it to the test. Can I sign up again?
Yes, if you haven’t started solving the tasks, you can sign up again for the following week.


Please note that ITMO’s Foreign Language Training Center is not an affiliated examination center. The certificate that we issue is an official document that confirms your level of English at ITMO and its partner universities; it is of a purely advisory nature and cannot be attached to visa applications and other documents outside ITMO.

Nevertheless, we’re always glad to confirm the authenticity of the document, for example, to your potential employer :)